At Hazel Hawkins there is a culture of service excellence. It starts the minute a new employee walks through the doors and continues through an employee’s tenure.

From Housekeeping to the Business Office to the O.R., all employees are held accountable for knowing and adhering to employee behavior standards and the service excellence creed.

“It’s all about the patient,” says Anthony Mojica, Director of Service Excellence. We want our employees, especially those in patient care, to anticipate the needs of the patient and respond to them.

Anthony not only “talks the- talk”, but he “walks-the-walk”. In addition to introducing new employees to the culture of service excellence at orientation, he literally walks the halls of HHMH, looking for everything from families who need a kind word or perhaps extra chairs or food while waiting, to someone needing directions or a patient needing a wheelchair. “I’m there, comments Mojica, to help with the special needs of families and patients so the doctors and nurses can do their jobs.”

That help can be translating, (Mojica is bilingual — English/Spanish), praying with a patient (Mojica is an ordained minister) or providing conflict resolution through his mediation skills.

“Service excellence is also about employee safety, security and comfort and how we treat each other, adds Mojica. As employees we have to embody service excellence toward each other as well as toward our patients.”

That’s where Mojica’s coaching skills come into play. “You can’t just send out a notice or teach a class in service excellence; it has to be an ongoing effort and the culture of the institution. We take every comment and complaint seriously. We use these “real-life” situations to coach staff and to improve and update our policies and procedures.

Healthcare can be a challenging field to work in, both physically and emotionally, says Mojica. So, I also make sure staff are complimented and recognized when they’re doing a great job!”

Contact Anthony Mojica, Director of Service Excellence at or call 635-1199.