Grant Received from Prestigious William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital received a $100,000 grant to be used toward the purchase of an Automated Breast Volume Scanner (3D breast ultrasound system) for the Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital Women’s Diagnostic Imaging Center.

“We are honored to receive this grant” said Ken Underwood, Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital, CEO.  “This adds another element of advanced imaging to our scope of services and is a great benefit in early cancer detection for the women in our community.”

“As the Women’s Center continues to update its diagnostic equipment, the addition of the ABVS will improve imaging quality, yield fewer false positives as well as improve patient monitoring, and assists providers in responding more appropriately (e.g., development of care plans),” stated Darlene DeBrito, Director of Diagnostic Imaging Services at HHH.  The improvements in screening technology will allow our health care providers to detect disease earlier when it is easier to treat, which results in both better health outcomes as well as lower health care costs.


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