Recently the Robert Hopper Family Fund made a generous gift to the Hospital Foundation in honor of our own Dr. Carl for the work he did that saved a family member’s life. The grant was specifically designated to be used to support the HHMH Lab. The Lab team put their heads together and decided it was time to purchase a car that could be used as the Lab’s courier vehicle.

Employees have been using their own cars to deliver items to the Hospital’s many lab locations which totals about 3000 to 4000 miles per year. With this charitable donation and the help of Tiffany Ford, the Lab was able to purchase an all-electric 2012 Ford Focus.

The Foundation Board was very pleased with the Lab’s decision to use the Hopper donation in a way that not only saves money but is environmentally friendly. When the Lab’s courier car is not on the road, it will be parked near the loading dock where it can get recharged between uses.

Please join with me in thanking the Hopper Family for their generosity.

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