2020 Donors of the Year – Don & Dianne Winn

Don was born in the old Hazel Hawkins Hospital location on Monterey Street.  He was raised in Hollister, left for college and then came back to Hollister to work for the family insurance business in 1984.  Dianne was raised in Sacramento and met Don in 1992.  Don and Dianne have been happily married for 26 years and share a love for being around great friends, boating, gardening and travel.

Don joined the Foundation Board in 2009 and was on the Board for two terms and served as President.  After his term was over, he took a year off and then came back to the Board for another term.  When asked why he got involved, Don said,” As a vendor to the District, I learned about the Foundation and joined the Board to learn more about the District.  This allowed me to be more of an advocate of the District in the community.”

Both Don and Dianne are proud of how the District has continued to expand and increase the services provided to the community.  The opening of the Woman’s Center, expansion of the Emergency Department, Operation Renovation and the refurbishment of the Outpatient Centers are all very significant times for Hazel Hawkins Hospital and they are very pleased they got to be a part of it.

When asked about HHMH, Don stated, “HHMH is an important part of the community that should not be taken for granted.  We need to support the District so that it will be here to provide the care and services we need.”

Thank you Don and Dianne for all of your dedication to Hazel Hawkins Hospital.  It is truly appreciated.

We will be honoring Don & Dianne at our Gourmet Dinner Pick-Up on November 7th.

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