Mabie Makeover

Hazel Hawkins Hospital Mabie Northside is a 5-Star-Rated Skilled Nursing Facility with an average daily census of 50 patients plus many visitors. Residents frequently enjoy getting out of their rooms to sit and visit in the lobby, but when this facility was built, the front was not designed to be a lobby. The Foundation addressed this with their campaign, “Mabie Makeover” – adding a little more sparkle to our 5-star Skilled Nursing Facilities.

The campaign funds were planned to be used to refresh the entry and the lobby area to create a more welcoming communal area for residents and visitors. On December 4, a significant weather advisory popped up on cell phones and computers across San Benito County and rushing water was already backing up on Sunset Drive across from Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital. In a matter of minutes, it flowed over the sidewalk and cascaded down a sloping hill into the Mabie Northside Skilled Nursing Facility. A total of 46 patients had to be evacuated and moved to Mabie Southside and the Main Hospital.

The next three months were spent on the restoration of the facility. Thanks to our donors, the Foundation had the funds to cover the painting of the rooms that were not damaged by the flooding, allowing every patient to move back to a newly refurbished room. The Foundation funds were also used for the new nurses’ station, new furniture, and new donor plaques and artwork in the lobby area.

Enhancing Our Outpatient Health Centers

The funds raised from the 2017 and 2018 Dinner Dance were put to great use, starting with the complete refurbishment of the Sunset Health Center and Annex with new flooring, paint, waiting room furniture and new or reupholstered exam tables.

Before and after: new monument sign at Sunset installed with lighting and landscaping.

The next project completed was the refresh of the 4th Street Health Center with new paint, reupholstered exam tables and privacy curtains in every exam room, and new waiting room chairs. The Fourth Street Health Center has an average of 1500 visits a month. The improvements will help provide a better overall experience for our patients.

Additional improvements were made to the Surgery Center with new flooring and blinds in the waiting room. The San Juan Bautista Health Center got a fresh coat of paint and reupholstered exam tables.

First Street Outpatient Center second-floor build out was completed, adding three new exam rooms. The Foundation covered half the cost of the construction and provided funding for the new furniture.

Operation Renovation

The Foundation completed their campaign, “Operation Renovation: Enhancing Our Healing Environment” in 2017. This 3-year project raised almost $950,000 to renovate the main lobby, corridors, waiting area, two nurses’ stations, and 26 patient rooms in the main hospital, including the ICU. High-grade easy-maintenance vinyl replaced the carpeting, walls got a fresh coat of paint, and hand railings were installed in the hallways. The patient rooms were equipped with new state-of-the art beds and were refurbished with new flooring, paint, furniture, and bathroom upgrades. The two quad rooms were equipped with individual wall unit televisions per bed. The lobby was furnished with comfortable seating areas and a media center to display the latest news about Hazel Hawkins Hospital. Funds were raised through the Foundation’s annual Dinner Dance Fundraisers, a generous grant from the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, and a bequest from the Foundation’s Leave Your Legacy Program.

Women’s Center

OB Department: The Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital Women’s Center opened in December 2013 with 13 labor and delivery suites, newborn nursery, and a self-contained operating room on the first floor.

Women’s Diagnostic Imaging Center on the second floor opened in the summer of 2014. It includes digital mammography, digital stereotactic breast biopsies, bone densitometry, radiologist reading room, and echocardiography. Additional equipment added in early 2015 was the 3D Breast Ultrasound that was funded by the Foundation. Also housed on the second floor are the physicians’ sleep rooms and the McCullough Resource Center.

The Foundation’s 5th Annual Dinner Dance was the kick-off for the fundraising campaign with a goal to raise $300,000 to help equip the new Women’s Center. Over $500,000 was raised by the Foundation from the 2-year effort with many donors naming rooms within the new facility. Foundation funds helped purchase equipment on both floors.

Emergency Department

The Foundation successfully raised $500,000 for state-of-the-art equipment for the new Emergency Department which opened in December 2010. The new ER includes three trauma bays, eleven private treatment rooms, the latest digital diagnostic imaging, and a helipad.

Outpatient Surgery Center

The Outpatient Surgery Center was completed in the summer of 2005. The 7,000 square foot center features three state-of-the-art surgery suites, large pre- and post-op areas with two private recovery rooms. The Foundation raised $400,000 through The Campaign for Technology and Innovation with the funds used to purchase new equipment in the Surgery Center.