Mary Ann Barragan and Kathy Johnson, Foundation Director

The Hazel Hawkins Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that it has received its second largest charitable donation to date in order to establish what will be known as The Barragan Family Diabetes Center.  The center is expected to include wound care, and will be the first and only of its kind in San Benito County.

The gift was made by Mrs. Mary Ann Barragan, long time resident of Hollister, California. The gift will be used for the development of facilities, equipment and furniture for the new center.  The facility will be located in the Sunnyslope Medical Complex.

Mrs. Barragan noted, “My late husband, Ray Barragan, who suffered from diabetes for many years, faithfully believed that nothing was impossible. He would say the phrase ‘I can’t’ really meant ‘I choose not to.’ In honoring him, our family is saying ‘we can’ help residents in San Benito County who have been diagnosed with the disease. I have many friends and family members with diabetes and this is the one way I can support them.”

Current data indicates that 17.5% of the adult population in San Benito County has diabetes. An estimated 30% of the adult population is considered pre-diabetic or at risk of becoming diabetic. That is nearly half of all adults living in San Benito County. This generous gift to establish The Barragan Family Diabetes Center will allow the Hospital to better serve community members suffering from the impacts of diabetes-related health issues.


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