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Transition of Care Services

Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital believes that everyone deserves the best pain and symptom management available whether they are at the end of life or not. In support of this belief, Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital has established a palliative care program for inpatients. Hazel Hawkins joins the elite one in five hospitals nationwide to provide this service.

The Hazel Hawkins Palliative Care Program is an interdisciplinary consultation service to assist physicians and other clinicians in providing pain and symptom management, psychological and spiritual care and bereavement counseling to their patients who are experiencing serious, chronic and/or advanced illnesses, and their families.

Program services are provided in the hospital and skilled nursing facilities. Management of pain and symptoms may include a referral to appropriate specialists. Patients are also support in their decision to include complimentary therapies in treatment.

Palliative Care Services offer patients:

  • Respect and support of religious and/or family traditions regarding patient care to the best of our ability.
  • Open communication with the patient and their families and acknowledgement of patient and family needs.
  • Our pledge to do all we can to promote comfort and assist patient and family in determining appropriate level of care.
  • Support if the patient refuses treatment.
  • Information about illness, treatment options, possible outcomes, and health system issues.
  • Care with a team approach that includes the patient and family as essential members. Bereavement support.
  • Attention to emotional needs of patient and family members. Referrals to community resources such as hospice.
  • Welcoming environment for family to stay with patient.

For more information contact:
Sunny Underwood, FNP, MSN, Ph.D
Palliative Care Coordinator
(831) 635-1148

Hospice Giving Foundation Supports Palliative Care Program

Since 2003 the Hospice Giving Foundation of the Central Coast has awarded $1 Million to Hazel Hawkins Hospital’s Palliative Care Program. Grants have funded initial program development, expansion, staff training and salaries. “We simply would not have a Palliative Care Program if it were not for the support of the Hospice Giving Foundation,” comments Palliative Care Coordinator, Sunny Underwood.

Palliative care suite

Palliative care suite

Palliative care suite