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Public Records Request

To review or obtain public records and documents please complete our Public Records Request form. When submitting your request, please be as specific as possible (i.e., provide dates of reports or actions, resolution and ordinance numbers, etc.). Non-specific requests may incur additional charges for research time or may be rejected if the request would require an undue amount of research or compilation.

Requested documents may not exist or be available. If documents are available, you will be billed 10 cents per page in advance of receiving them.

Please complete and mail it or bring it to the Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital Administration Office at 911 Sunset Drive, Hollister, CA 95023. The District will respond to your record request within 10 days from the time of receipt.

If you have questions or for additional information, please contact us at (831) 636-2673 or email Tiffany Rose at