yourMedicalGroup, Inc, is honored to be chosen as Hazel Hawkins Hospital’s business donor of the year.  They are a medical corporation with 16 health care providers in multiple specialties serving San Benito County.  Members of their group have had family members as patients at Hazel Hawkins Hospital and they have seen first-hand the professionalism, compassion and care the staff provides.

The need for a vibrant health care system has never been so apparent as it was this year. The dual crises of the pandemic and the fires stretched the medical resources of this community to the brink, but through this, Hazel Hawkins Hospital, its providers and staff steadfastly provided care to those who needed it.

“We proudly donate to the Hazel Hawkins Hospital Foundation to help them in support of their great work,” stated Ray S. Kusumoto MHS, PA-C, CEO, President on behalf of yourMedicalGroup, Inc.

Your Medical Group Providers

Amy Baily, CPNP

June Burguillos, PA-C

Joseph Godbout, PA-C

Vivek Jain, MD

Kenneth Jiang, MD

Ray Kusumoto, MHS, PA-C

Zainab Malik, MD

Michelle Mason, LMFT

Shiva Mohtashami, MD

Sayuj Paudel, MD

Marie Spencer, CPNP

Arminda Tolentino, MD

Anita Tolentino- Macaraeg, MD

Olivia Tran, PA-C

Amelia Underwood, MMS, RD, CDE, PA-C

Aileen Wang, MD

We will be honoring yourMedicalGroup, Inc. at our Gourmet Dinner Pick-Up on November 7th.  Click Here for more information.

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